Insights | June 28, 2023

Booking multi-hyphenate celebrities for speaking engagements

The multi-hyphenate celebrity has been around since there were actors who could sing or singers who could act. But most recently, the world of corporate events has seen a need for more multi-hyphenate keynote speakers.

With a bevy of distractions these days, events need a speaker whose resume can cut through the noise and bring attention to their stage. Speakers, much like comedians, musicians, and other content creators, have a need to “expand their brand.” Thought leaders, like authors, are no longer just writers. A prime example is Malcolm Gladwell, the famous author and thought leader known for such bestsellers as BlinkWhat The Dog Saw, and The Tipping Point. He’s now head of Pushkin Industries, a podcast company that produces Malcolm’s very successful podcast, Revisionist History

They may play a game for a living, but athletes are serious about expanding their brand and success outside of sports. Derek Jeter, the Hall of Fame New York Yankees shortstop known as “The Captain,” has been vocal about his financial investing strategies. He also co-founded The Players Tribune, a sports website that has been the platform for many news-making storylines. 

Events that host external keynote speakers aren’t satisfied with just any celebrity. Brands don’t want a one-trick pony. They want someone to light up their stage and bring audiences to their feet. That’s why there’s a demand for these speakers to have something valuable to say and a resume to back it up. Jessica Alba started as an actress with a hit show and blockbuster movies. When she co-founded The Honest Company, she added a key component to her resume that made her one of the more marketable speakers for corporate events. Not only did she have a name that pops on an event website, but she also had a business story that was relatable, personable, and well, pun intended, honest.

It’s pretty simple—a multi-hyphenate speaker provides more avenues for an audience to know who they are and why they should listen. And this creates a higher demand to attend the event.

Celebrities who have branched out and become successful at this and that, adding numerous titles to their resume, are ideal for speaking events. Working with many multi-hyphenate celebrities, G7 knows that brands who partner with them are likely to get more out of the relationship versus someone who stays in one lane. Multi-hyphenate speakers typically have better content and are easier to market and promote. So, why not have someone on your stage that comes with a well-rounded view of business, technology, or wellness? It’s no longer just about whether a celebrity speaker has something to say. It’s also important that they have the career to back up what’s being said. That makes it more believable and brings more value to your audience.