Our goal is to build an environment that inspires and enables individuals to become the best at what they do.

At G7, we believe a combination of curiosity, growth, and experience is a pathway to maximizing one’s potential. We provide opportunities for our employees to be immersed in the entertainment industry firsthand, so that we can stay energized and inspired personally and deliver extraordinary experiences professionally.


At G7, we embrace and live by a set of core values that set us apart from other agencies. These values and beliefs guide how we create, execute, and interact with others as we relentlessly pursue ways to best serve our clients.

  • Respect: We’re all human, so have compassion for each other.
  • Accountability: Walk the walk when you talk the talk.
  • Passion: Be driven and look for inspiration everywhere.
  • Integrity: A little honesty goes a long way. Make it go further.
  • Courage: Be unafraid to fail forward and color outside the lines.

Join our Team

G7 is a chord that stands out. It forces you to take notice. Our people are the same. They’re always exploring, seeking, and discovering new ways to help our clients stand out. If that sounds like you, contact us us about joining our team.

There are currently no open positions at this time, but we always love to hear from great talent. Send us your resume and we’ll stay in touch should an opening arise.

Culture Drivers

We love what we do.
And having a good time is just part of the job.

    We love to have our team seeing as much live music as possible, so each year, all employees are given a ticket stipend to get out there and stay inspired.


    Giving back to our community makes us all feel good, so we spend several days a year making an impact together working with charities that we believe in.


    Discovering new talent is a favorite past time at G7. That’s why several times per month, we invite up and coming artists to perform live at our Nashville office for staff and friends to enjoy and discover.