Insights | October 31, 2023

Break Through The Crowded Floor At Your Next Trade Show

If you enter a room of industry professionals and ask who has been to a trade show, most people in the room will raise their hand. That’s because there’s an estimated 13,000 trade shows that take place every year in the U.S. With that many happening annually, you would think that we’ve all been there and seen that. So we’re left to wonder, are there any surprises left? 

Not only have most of us been to a trade show, but some of us might not want to go back. That’s because many companies settle for a rinse-and-repeat presence, but they don’t have to. Trade shows can be moving experiences, allowing brands to provide attendees with a glimpse into tomorrow. CES and NAIAS are meccas for early adopters and industry enthusiasts who gather to get a coveted first look at the latest in blue-chip technology and innovative advancements. These experiences provide that “wow” factor, where attendees feel compelled to talk about something long after the show floor has cleared. And, of course, that’s the goal—to create something that echoes beyond the event. 

So how do you do it? How do you amplify the “oohs” and the “aahs” that transform the ordinary into the OMG. It starts by creating moments that seem larger than life—that are unexpected, unique, and feel tailored to the audience. It’s these moments that stick with us long after the information we’ve been fed has been filed away. 

In fact, research indicates that attendees retain only about 10% of what they hear after one week, but they will still remember how they felt in the moment.

Here are a few tips on how you can cut through the trade-show clutter to create memorable moments attendees won’t soon forget:

  • Incorporate a live performance at your booth to, quite literally, cut through the noise of the showroom floor. Music is power—it is the universal language, and it moves people on so many levels.
  • Host a celebrity chef at your booth or private VIP party to bring some heat and delicious nosh to spice up the traditional catering experience. Like they say, the best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.
  • In the wide world of celebrities and influencers, there is likely a name that not only brings a big draw, but also speaks to your specific industry and their passion for product innovation. Hosting a strategic Q&A with a celebrity can attract a crowd and expand your reach beyond the event.
  • Wellness—it’s something we all know we need, but can never quite find the time for, especially during an event week. Plan a yoga session on the showroom floor, hosted by a well-known wellness influencer or instructor. Or perhaps it’s a pre-exhibit or post-exhibit hosted power walk. Get the blood pumping and attendees talking about how your company cares not only for their products, but its people. 

These are only a few ideas of how you could integrate entertainment elements into your next trade show to create those magical moments for attendees. So, remember these tips as you plan your next industry event.

At G7, we thrive in helping clients take the stage and stand out from the crowded showroom, so they can be the talk of the conference.