News | June 7, 2024

G7 Brings Elton John To Las Vegas

Elton John may have retired from touring last year, but there’s no doubt he still knows how to wow a crowd. G7 recently booked the legendary singer to perform at a client’s special event in Las Vegas. Decorated in a diamond bedazzled blue suit and a pair of his famous sparkly pink glasses, no one in the stadium could take their eyes off him. With a career spanning over five decades, Sir Elton John is a prolific entertainer whose music has touched hearts across generations. As a GRAMMY Award-winning artist, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and a knighted icon, Elton John’s contributions to music and culture are unparalleled. It’s no surprise that his timeless hits and captivating performance made him the star of the show and made our event in Las Vegas an unforgettable experience for all the lucky fans in attendance. As the confetti fell during the last song, thousands of attendees sporting their own sparkly glasses sang their hearts out in unison, soaking in every last moment of a memorable night with the legendary Elton John.