News | January 5, 2024

IHG Hotels & Maren Morris

When IHG Hotels & Resorts wanted to launch a first-of-its-kind seasonal and experiential campaign at select locations, they turned to G7 for assistance. Guests visiting these properties were transported to a winter wonderland with larger-than-life Winter Chalet installations located in the lobbies of select hotels. 

To help bring the vibes of a mountain retreat to life, G7 tapped Grammy Award-winning musician Maren Morris to curate playlists that represent the immersive settings of each Winter Chalet. Morris said, “I designed the Winter Chalet playlists to evoke the essence of the winter season, conjuring feelings of warmth and gratitude.” She added, “it was important to me that this collection of music serves as the perfect soundtrack for the distinctive aesthetic of this experience.”