Insights | January 23, 2024

Three Questions with Dominic Karr: Rendezvous Rebrand

Dominic is a pop culture enthusiast, Atlanta sports die-hard, and Senior Brand Designer for G7. He recently spearheaded a brand refresh for both G7 and Jackson Hole’s Rendezvous Music Festival. Take a look at the team’s creative process in this month’s “Three Questions.”

When you are creating logos for a brand or event, what is your typical creative process?

I start by getting to know the client’s business. That includes their industry, purpose, values, competitors, audience, etc., but most importantly – what makes the business unique. I distill my research down to a group of keywords that encapsulate the brand. Those words become the inspiration for sketches. I spend as much time as possible in the sketching phase, exploring every visual solution I can think of. The most successful are digitized and presented to the client.

What elements are important to capture in a logo or a brand refresh?

A successful logo is appropriate, simple, and memorable. It is relevant to the client and its audience, works effectively and flexibly, and leaves a lasting impression. A brand refresh should strike a balance between what was iconic about previous iterations and what could evolve to keep the brand fresh.

Rendezvous Music Festival brand refresh was a big project. What was most exciting about that opportunity?

In marketing, it’s normally important to use the guidelines of pre-existing brands as guardrails, and explore creative ways to work within that structure. Creating a brand identity from scratch, however, allows for much more freedom. Any opportunity to do that is exciting, but a project like this is extra special. It utilizes every team in our agency, and from a graphic perspective, it’s so widespread. It requires social media, digital ads, print ads, onsite signage, and best of all – merch. There’s nothing cooler than your work being on a t-shirt.