g7 is a marketing agency
that harnesses the
power of entertainment

Why Entertainment?

Because people seek it, crave it, and most importantly, share it. We empower clients to connect with people in ways that go beyond products and services.

Through curated events and experiences, we reach audiences in ways that inspire and awe—because when we do that, magic happens.

Work with Talent

From stadium headliners to punchline deliverers, our talent booking elevates events by getting people on their feet.

Create an Experience

From music festival activations to pop-up events, we create experiences that live online, in real life, and everywhere in between.


    • Entertainment Strategy
    • Industry Insights
    • Program Development
    • Talent Partnerships
    • Music Licensing
    • Product Placement
    • Experiential
    • Event Sponsorship & Activation
    • Mobile Tours
    • Pop-Up Events
    • Sampling
    • Experience-Driven Retail
    • Talent Booking
    • Musicians & Bands
    • Speakers & Hosts
    • Comedians
    • Culinary Talent
    • Interactive
    • Digital
    • Interactive Experiences
    • Influencer Programs
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Sweepstakes & Contesting
    • Data Capture
    • Production
    • Live, Hybrid & Virtual Events
    • Concerts & Festivals
    • B2B Events
    • Fabrication
    • Logistics
    • Creative
    • Experience Design
    • 3D Space Planning
    • Identity & Branding
    • Content Creation
    • Art Direction & Copywriting

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