white claw shore club

the oBjective

In a year packed with product launches, White Claw looked to G7 to bring this spirit of innovation to the pop culture realm through their all-new experiential platform deemed, “The Shore Club,” a space to meet, interact, and make your own waves.


G7 designed an experience built on the brand’s passion pillars of music, water culture, and fashion. We developed an activation plan to take the Shore Club to places where the White Claw consumer was ready to live it up.

the outcome

The 30+ stop tour includes Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, and the Kentucky Derby. G7 curated each of these tentpole activations to the personality of the event landscape and the attendee mindset. Guests enjoy artist integrations, interactive touchpoints, custom merch, and diverse music programming.

  • 30+ tour stops in 2023
  • 62,553 samples distributed
  • 77,745 premiums distributed

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